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Random Interview: John Pinner

We have selected some speakers through random.choice() to be featured on the EuroPython 2011 blog! We publish their short interviews twice a week until the event. Today we introduce you John Pinner!

What's your name and what do you do?

I'm John Pinner, working out of the UK on business and engineering software, both desktop and web apps, using Python with some C.

How did you start using Python?

I needed to replace a 4GL language I'd been using for years, I and my customers had lots of data stored in its proprietary database, and when the authors decided not to port their new GUI version to Linux we needed a way forward. I decided to build a development system based on Python and PyQt, with a C extension module interfacing with the database.

It proved to be a very good decision, our system now far exceeds the capabilities of that produced by the original 4GL's authors, is cross-platform and benefits from the 'batteries included' with Python.

Name one Python feature you wouldn't live without.

The interactive interpreter. It really is 'your friend' when you need to find out how things work.

What is your talk/training about?

Functional programming with Python.

Tease us with one secret that will be revealed during your talk/training

What we can learn from BASIC and FORTRAN.

Name another training that you wouldn't miss at EuroPython.

Raymond Hettinger's 'Advanced Python'. You cannot help learning many things from any talk by Raymond.

What would you tell someone who is still in doubt whether to register to EuroPython or not?

Come, learn, make new friends, you won't regret it.

Next Interview Online: May 26th.

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24 May 2011


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