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Enjoy your evenings at EuroPython

It's time to relax! Summer is coming and you have already bought your ticket for EuroPython. Our events are published, you just have to choose!

We know: Tuscany is famous for its extraordinary wines. But, if you like to spend time with your new friends in front of a relaxing beer glass, PyBirra is the event thought for you.

It's all about friendship and sociability: you will be able to chat and discuss with other attendees in a pub overlooking the river bank and that says it all!

The event will take place in one of the oldest pubs in Florence:

James Joyce Pub

  • Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 1
  • 50125 Firenze
  • Tel: 055 6580856

Remember: If you bring your EuroPython badge with you, you will have some special discounts!

A new entry: the PyBarbecue

For the very first time in the history of EuroPython, this year you can choose to participate to a special dinner that will take place on Wednesday, July 3rd in a comfortable location very close to the Conference Venue. You will be able to taste a variety of dishes, from the best grilled meats to some Tuscan traditional dishes. Also vegetarians will have chance to savor tasty specialties, nicely chatting with EuroPythoner colleagues.

We have arranged a special menu with a fixed price of €37

Cold buffet:

  • Beetroot salad
    (with pineapple and apples)
  • Libanese Tabuleh
    (wholemeal cereal with fresh seasonal vegetables)
  • Cous cous
    (chicken breast, vegetables)
  • Greek rice in Brazilian way
    (rice with shrimps, peas and other vegetables)
  • Salpicao salad
    (chicken, raisins, carrots and other vegetables)
  • Salad mayonnaise
    (boiled fresh vegetables mixed with mayonnaise)
  • Beans “Ceci”
    (with fresh tomatoes and onion)
  • Crispy salad
    (celery, apples, cashews,yoghurt)
  • Fresh cucumber salad
    (“cappuccino” cabbage and “ciliegini “ tomatoes)
  • Pappa al pomodoro
    (tuscan bread with tomatoes salsa)
  • Cold salad of spelt
    (Tuscany rice)
  • Tuscan liver crostini
    (bread toast and liver cream)
  • Porchetta al taglio
    (Pork cutting)

Hot buffet:

  • Mixed grill of meat
    (porkribs, sausages, pork and turkey sausages, beef rib, chicken and mixed vegetables in season)


  • Sliced seasonal fruit


  • Alma Rosso (red tuscany wine) di Poggio Turrita 2011
  • Vernaccia di San Gimignano di Poggio Turrita 2011
  • Mineral water /sparkling water

The full address of the location is: ASSI Sporting Center, viale Michelangelo 64, Firenze


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20 May 2013


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