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Tag Cocktails

We have a little present for those who filled in their public profile on our website: the tag-based cocktails!

Every day, in the evening, we will hold a tag-based cocktail, that is a cocktail in which we invite all people that share the same area of interest, as selected through the tags published in their public profiles.

We arranged for the following cocktails:

DayTitleInvited tags
Monday 1stPyLadies Cocktail[invited by organizers]
Tuesday 2ndMongoDB Cocktail
(sponsored by 10Gen)
mongodb, nosql, cassandra, couchdb, scalability, distributed, datamining, bigdata
Wednesday 3rdGoogle Platform Cocktail
(sponsored by Google)
web, appengine, android, python-for-android
Thursday 4thOpenStack Cocktailopenstack, cloud, aws
Friday 5thPerformance Cocktailscientific-computing, parallelization, numpy, C/C++, pypy, optimization, performance

Who can join

We are inviting all people that had the above tags in their public profile on June 21st. These people will find a free pass for the cocktail within their badges. You might even get multiple passes for different days, if you were lucky with your tags.

Only people with a pass can join the cocktail. The pass will grant you one free alcholic drink or two alcohol-free drinks, and lots of food. And obviously, you can get to chat with a smaller group of people that share your interests!


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