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Claude Gibert

Claude Gibert

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I work as a consultant for my own company. I have always more or less worked in the field of Meteorology which I have always liked because it always presents challenging IT problems.

I started my career at Meteo France, I then worked mostly for private companies in the world of Meteorology and Climate and then for ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather forecasts) who is recognised as the best numerical prediction centre in the world. For the last two years, I have been working as a consultant for Meteo France, the Bureau Of Meteorology in Australia, the UK Met. Office and NASA.

I started as a software developer working in assembler on a radar computer with graphics display and no operating system. I then developed different kind of applications (graphical, web applications, batch systems) in C, C++ and Perl, I adopted Python in 2003 as I was amazed by its capabilities. I have spent enough time in management to realise I don’t really want to do that, I am happy designing applications, leading software development projects and programming, now more occasionally all this in the Unix / Linux / MacOS world. I specialise in complex data management in Climate and Meteorology, model statistics, weather forecast verification together with designing and running robust batch operational systems. I love designing tools for programmers and starting new projects. I don’t enjoy finishing projects as much, although I do complete them properly, I am more of a “starter”. I studied maths, physics, electronics and I have an MSc. in Human-Computer Systems: user interface design and evaluation, artificial intelligence.

I play bass, I like jamming and gigging. I enjoy a BBQ with friends or a pint at the pub. I also edit video and like photography.

Claude Gibert’s Talks

Meteorology, Climate and Python: desperately trying to forget technical details
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