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Latest advances in the Google APIs platform

by Ali Afshar for EuroPython 2011

This talk will give an outline of the advances that Google have made in API delivery over the last year, and how it is relevant to you as a Python developer. The talk is suitable for beginners and advanced developers.

We will describe the underlying platform, and the built-in features that all Google APIs inherit.

We will focus on how the Python libraries for this API platform are generated and can be used as a single library that doesn’t require updating with API updates, as Python lends itself perfectly to the nature of this platform.



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    Nice! See you there Ali.
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    Thanks for posting the video. Shame that the first few minutes is missing where I make the disclaimers. Just for the record, the views presented are my personal ones, not those of my employer.

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)
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