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Neck and shoulder massage training

by Rob Collins for EuroPython 2011

1) How to massage your own neck and shoulders

Relaxation exercises for stressed Python developers. Do you spend too long in front of the computer screen, with hunched shoulders and headaches? Find out how to relieve the tension…

2) How to give a shoulder massage to friends/colleagues/partners

All you need is some simple equipment (e.g. a wooden ladybird) or your thumbs and elbows. In half an hour, with practical exercises, you can find out how to do basic massage safely.

3) How to raise money for the Python Software Foundation by participating in a sponsored massage

At EuroPython 2010 in Birmingham we were able to donate $1500 collected from the annual conference dinner. This was three times what I had been able to collect in previous years on my own, because of being ably assisted in doing the massages. Together we were able to cover all the tables, collecting PSF donations in return for giving/not giving a neck and shoulder massage. (See

Do massages, collect the money, or both. Please join in!


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    Ha! Looking forward to this talk. I missed it last year!
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    Thanks to everyone who helped!
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    Is giving someone a shoulder massage friendly or flirty?

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60 minutes (inc Q&A)
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