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Hotel Concession

We have a special concession for selling rooms within the Mediterraneo Hotel (the conference venue) at a great price, directly from our website. And we offer roomsharing too!

Bedroom prices

The following table shows our special concession for bedrooms at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo hotel, the hotel in which EuroPython is held, which is a 4-star hotel in the city center of Florence:

Prices include 21% VAT and city tax
This price is valid for a limited number of rooms only.
Price per person per night
Room type 3/4 nights 5+ nights
Single Room€86 €94€74 € 86
Double Room€54 €71,5€49 €64
Triple Room€44 €49€39 €44
Quadruple Room€44€39

All rooms come with free Wi-Fi connection (managed by the hotel), and free access to the buffet breakfast in the morning. All rooms are strictly non-smoking.

The concession is only valid for a minimum stay of 3 nights.

These prices are quite aggressive, given the location and the quality of the hotel: they represent more than a 50% discount on the standard hotel rate, and it might be difficult to find equivalent or better prices in locations nearby. Notice that these prices include city tax, which is almost always excluded in online booking portals. Anyway, you might want to have a look at our nearby hotel list: we get no margin on the rooms, our goal is just to make sure that the conference becomes as cheap as possible for everybody!

This price is valid only for a limited number of rooms, for a total of ~200 beds. If you know that you are coming, please book as soon as possible.

How to buy the rooms

These prices are valid only for rooms sold through our website, and for a limited quantity. If you think that those prices are good (and you should!), make sure to grab your room as fast as possible.

You will need to pay for the whole period in advance, at the moment of the order. Our online payment system, in addition to credit cards, allows you to buy through a wire transfer, but in this case we need the payment to arrive to our bank in 5 working days. Our system will automatically cancel the order if it is not paid within that term, and notify you by e-mail. Most intra-EU wire transfers nowadays complete in 1 or 2 working days.

Notice that you must buy at least a conference ticket to be able to buy a room. This makes sure that only conference attendees can benefit from these special rates reserved to us. Obviously, even if you get a single conference ticket, you are of course welcome to buy a larger room for your family or partner

Modification, cancellation and refund policy

In your personal ticket page, you will be able to fill in the required information for each person sleeping the room. You can also upload a scanned copy of an ID document, that will be forwarded to the hotel so that your check-in will be much faster.

If you cancel your bedroom before May 31st, we can refund the whole price.

After June 1st, we can refund you only if the room gets sold again, after being put for sale on our website; if the room doesn't get resold for any reason, we will not be able to refund you.

Coming alone? Consider roomsharing

If you are coming alone at the conference, we can help you finding some mates to roomshare and save a lot on the hotel costs. Buy a single bed in double/triple/quadruple in our checkout process, and we will try and match you with other Python folks coming at the conference.

To find a good match, we can take several parameters into account: sex, age, country/language, and your personal interest tags (from your personal profile). Notice that all this information are optional, so you are free not to give us any hint about yourself: in that case, our random number generator will be the final arbiter.

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