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Beer, Barbecue ... and Python!

EuroPython days don't finish with the last talk but keep on rocking during the night! We have organized some wonderful event that you may want to join!

PyBeer - Monday 1st, 21:00

It's a relaxing and fun socializing event in one of the pubs in Florence, during which we can drink, talk and get to actually know other fellows at the conference!

James Joyce pub will reserve to EuroPython attendees an internal room: bring your badge with you and you can enter in the EuroPython reserved area!

Moreover, with the badge, you can have a discount on pints, and the discount is valid for the whole week, should you come back visiting the pub!

Google Code Jam - Tuesday 2nd, 21:00

Do you love programming, solving tough algorithmic puzzles and having fun in the process? If so, you can't miss Google Code Jam. Don't miss this chance to compete with great programmers from all around the world, in the friendly environment of EuroPython. And beautiful prizes await you: a Samsung Galaxy S4, a Nexus Tablet, and a Google Summer set!

Get warmed up with practice problems to get the hang of it, and bring your own laptop.

NOTE: the contest will start at 21:00, so be sure to be there at least ten minutes earlier.

PyBarbecue - Wednesday 3rd, 21:00

This year we decided to make our social conference dinner as captivating and open as possible. We found the right place, we hired the best chefs and then we gave life to the first PyBarbecue in the EuroPython whole history!

In a comfortable location very close to the Conference Venue - which allows us to accomodate lots of people - you will be able to taste from the best grilled meats to some refined hot and cold dishes of the local tradition. With an even greater attention to vegetarians and with the chance to nicely chat with your EuroPythoner colleagues even maybe drinking a glass of good wine.. Can you really miss it?

The address of the location is: ASSI Sporting Center, viale Michelangelo 64, Firenze

NOTE: Registration is required to join this event. There is only 330 seats available, so we need to proceed in a strict first-register first-served oreder.

PyRiddle - Thursday 4th, 21:00

Accept the challenge of the feared PyRiddler, who taunts EuroPython attendees each year with the hardest, wittiest and most twisted of Python riddles.

Many people enter the PyRiddler mansion, yet only one will manage to outsmart him and bring home the much sought-after loot, a shiny MacBook and the PyRiddler's certificate of defeat.

Bring your own laptop and be sure to take a seat in the PyRiddler's mansion ten minutes before the event starts.

Google AppEngine Hackathon - Saturday 6th, 09:00

Teams are free to create any software project based on Google App Engine. No runtime restriction (Java, Python, Go and even PHP), total freedom on final hack, it can be a backend only apps, backend + web or mobile frontends, anything you like. The only constrain is that your hack has to be fueled by App Engine. Plus you have all the other GAE companions at your disposal: Cloud Endpoints to create RESTful APIs, Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL to manage storage, Prediction API and much more. And yes, they're going to be some prizes for the best teams ;)

Every evening, a "tag cocktail"

If you published your public profile and were lucky with your interest tags, you might have won a free pass to a tag-based cocktail! Have a look at our cocktail list, and look for the pass within your badge!

Every night, have a drink at the James Joyce Pub

We have arranged a special convention with the James Joyce pub, on the other river side. It's always open during the week, and it's really good if you want to sit down and relax at the end of a long conference day!

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